Why Us

Why Us
Global Footprint

MENA’s recruitment operations are spread across various crucial markets. Our infrastructure is the foundation upon which we are able to sustain our high levels of performance. Our presence across India and other countries serve as a testament to the effort that we have invested in building a strong and robust infrastructure.

A pan-India presence allows us to connect to a larger pool of talent and obtain the best mix of candidates for our clients.

Our offices in SARRC Region and SEA assist us in reaching out and servicing candidates based in their respective region and enable us to recruit candidates from around the world and place them with our clients.


As a firm we believe in taking accountability for our work. To ensure that this is not just word play, Accountability MeasureTM is also reflected inour terms of engagement.

A significant part of our search fee is at stake till six months after the candidate has been placed: we are entitled to this amount only if the client is satisfied with the candidate’s performance. Our terms also ensure ‘Post Closure engagement and Risk Sharing’ for a period of 3 years from the date of candidate joining.

The Accountability MeasureTM is a reflection of how we put our skin in the game. It is one of the many practices we undertake to assure our clients the peace of mind they deserve once they have vested in us the responsibility to hire their leadership. What’s in it for us? We win only when the client wins.
Statistically we have collected our ‘Performance Retainer’ in more than 90 percent cases.


In any service oriented business, understanding the client’s requirements is sacrosanct. In over two decades of our existence, we have come to realize that no two clients have the same needs; most clients today need a customized solution that best fits their purpose. Moreover, many a times this customization has to go a step further to make unconventional and creative deviations in order to do justice to the challenges put forward by the client. “Out of the box thinking” coupled with our nimble nature enables EA to hit the nail on the head almost every single time.

Of equal importance becomes the speed of execution given the pace of growth in the emerging markets. Being able to adapt and adapt fast to the ever changing economic environment is the key to providing that unbeaten solution.


It is one thing to find an ideal candidate and quite another to unearth one who will drive an organization to newer heights of success. Sometimes the best candidate in the market is not the best fit for the client. Besides his/her capability, a person’s performance is also driven by the environment and culture.

It makes us proud when we look back and see that majority of the candidates that we have placed in the past have risen within their organizations and taken up leadership roles. We have always believed that we have a moral responsibility towards both the clients and the candidates and we grow only when they grow.

How do we do it? The formula is simple: we base our search on in-depth research, hard work, honesty and most importantly common sense.

Every search firm has its unique methodology, but ours is hinged on pure common sense – Leaders will lead and the rest can follow.


We don’t search and forget. We believe repeat business to be the most encouraging form of reward. It is to assure fulfillment of this yearning that we are constantly trying to add value to our clients. Our ‘Post Closure Engagement’ model ensures that we are actively involved with the client and the candidate for a period of 3 years post closure.

In this endeavor, we win an edge over some of the other firms who may be able to find a reasonable match for the position in the timelines defined, but rarely offer partnering, knowledge sharing, problem solving or accountability on the part of the search firm.

Almost 25 percent of our clients have been working with us for more than 5-6 years now where we have helped them put together leadership teams in multiple business lines.
We are not transactional and we understand no business is.


ISMS 27001:2013
OHAS 18001:2007
ISO 9001:2015
DUNS# 86-030-0117

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