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Recruitment and Training
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Screening Process

Based on the needs of position from our clients, our Sourcing Department sieves through the date available at our, identifies the most appropriate ones, in accordance with clients’ job specifications, industry-relevance, qualifications, experience and nationality.

All our office located regions and countries, if and applicable, do the screening process simultaneously. After the screening process, the processed are forwarded to respective in house departments concerned viz. Engineering, civil Construction, Marin, Oil & gas, Hospitality, Health Care and Management for in-depth review of the resume, communication with prospects to ascertain their interest /available, prior assigning such processed resumes to clients for their review.

Simultaneously, our Operation Department works on referral checks, certificates verification, police clearance, as and when necessary, and the travel documents.

Trade test- If and when applicable and as necessary, trade test of skills are conducted at MENA training centers as per the guidelines of clients. In the event of special test involving 3rd party inspection MENA coordinate and organizes 3rd party agency of repute whose report is valid and accepted internationally.

The pre-screened candidates are called to our offices for personal interview, and for evaluation of basic skills, job –specific skill / knowledge, aptitude and attitude, medical status, and language proficiency. A comprehensive evaluation report is prepared and forwarded to clients along with pre-screened resumes.

Selection Process

On receipt of the list of approved candidates for final interview be client, either personal, telephonic, and/or video conferencing, we schedule interview as per the time frame of our client. All short-listed candidates are advised of shell of their selection for final interview with the visiting delegates, through electronic –mail phone, cable or in person according to location.

In the event of Interview through video conferencing, we assemble the approved candidate, batch-wise, in our office and keep our client advised on the timing for each candidate.

MENA arranges well interview conference hall/interview hall with individual cabin for the visiting delegates, sufficient seating arrangement for the short-listed stationary, secretarial assistance and communication facilities, A team of experienced staff co-ordinates, distribute test pares for written test as and when applicable, provides entry pass and regulates the candidates test. MENA staff will I have close coordination with the visiting delegates at all times and will help compiles final selection status report.

In addition to the facilities for personal Interview and trade test MANAS VIDEO COFRENCING facilities are also available for a fee which will be determined in accordance with number of to be Interviewed, place city and a host of other parameters involved (an estimate could be made available against specific request with details) MENA can also render the services of conducting interview and selecting the candidate, for and on behalf of clients MENS technical evaluation team from appropriate department shall scrutinize resume critically, conduct trade test / personal interview, before being deployed for work client.

  1. Once the Interview is over (by MENA Limited or by foreign principal) the Recruiter dispatches the Cv s to the particular company.

  2. Before dispatching the cvs he / she make sure that clear & complete passport copy is attached, photograph is attach in the application & copy of the first page copy have been kept in our file to enable us to contact the applicant in future for mobilization purpose.

  3. Principal then reviews the applications, evaluate, comment & intimates the name of the suitable candidates which forms the final select list.

In this way the candidates are selected by giving due importance to his qualifications, experience, personality, skills, aptitude, family background etc.

  1. After getting the list of the final selected candidate and offer letter, Recruiter calls the applicant to the office by sending SMS/ e-mail & making phone call.

  2. Even list is put on the Notice board at reception.

  3. After communicating with applicants Recruiter gives information viz. for the position he is selected, for the company & place he has been selected, remuneration, leave cycle, working hours, period of contract etc.

  4. If he accepts the terms & condition, recruiter relays the information to the Principal.

  5. If the terms & conditions are accepted, the passport of the candidates is deposited in the office.

  6. Candiadtes are send for the Pre-medical test and result are being intimated to the client to apply visa for the candidates those are declared medically fit. At the same time those found UNFIT their name are being informed to client to go for replacement / candidate to collect back their passport.


Results of a background check typically include past employment verification, credit history, and criminal history. These checks are often used by employers as a means of judging a job candidate's past mistakes, character, and fitness, and to identify potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons.

Mena Limited carries out these processes and also asks the applicant to submit Police Clearance Certificate.

Medical Check

Medical check, in accordance with host country’s regulation for pre-mobilization, is done for the finally Selected / approved candidates at the Embassy / Consulate respective country’s authorized medical centers.

MENA keeps the clients advised on the medically test’s progress and forwards the list of medically fit candidates for necessary visa/work permit and PTA. MENA keeps finally selected and medically fit candidates advised on travel schedule, and they are briefed on travel arrangement, airport assistance on arrival at host country, along with Do’s and Don’ts in the country of employment.


Clients forward visa copy or original visa of the selected candidates to MENA. On receipt of such document MENA invite the candidates traveling to the host country, to hand over the documents, check for correctness of documents, immigration clearance, certificates’ endorsement and other paper works to be in order. MENA carry its own identification tags and such tags are distributed to each candidate with employer’s contact details for easy identification at the arrival airport.


Depending upon the mutual understanding between the foreign principal & Recruitment Agency the arrangement for air ticket is made.


Orientation is important because it lays a foundation for the new employee's entire career with the department. ... Encourages employee confidence and helps the new employee adapt faster to the job; Contributes to a more effective, productive workforce; Improves employee retention; and.

Some of the Questions Covered during Orientation
  • Contract and Benefits
  • Salary and Position
  • About Company
  • How long are the employment contracts?
  • What happens if I don't like living in Country and don’t feel I can complete my contract?
  • Can I bring my family?
  • Where will I live?
  • Do I have to share my apartment/house ( In case very Sr. Professional)
  • How much vacation am I entitled to?
  • When will I be able to take a vacation, and for how long can I go away?
  • Can I leave the Kingdom on vacation whenever I want?
  • What kind of healthcare coverage am I entitled to?
  • I take prescription medication. Can I get it there, or should I bring it with me?
  • Who pays for my flight?
  • If I book my own flight, will the hospital pay me back for it?
  • What does "tax-free income" mean?
  • What is the currency in Saudi Arabia?
  • How am I paid?
  • How easy is it to open a bank account?

In case of bulk mobilization, MENA Limited sends its PRO to airport for ensuring the candidates are present and boarding the planes.

PRO gives the verbal report to Recruitment Manager/ Recruiter in order to inform foreign principal in case of any no show.

MENA Limited does not stop here but goes one step further requesting its client to confirm the safe arrival of candidates. Though Profit is like Oxygen to any company / business, but we at MENA Limited believes that “Customer (both client and candidates) is the Big Boss – who has the power even to remove CEO of an organization by making an alternative choice.

Service Fee

MENA charge a nominal fee of 10% of annual gross salary of office staff / Field staff / foreman and above.

For junior level / skilled / semi-skilled / un-skilled positions, MENA charge a reasonable recruitment fee, payable either by employer or employee as per the agreement.

In the case where the employer wishes MENA to charge the employees, it is in accordance with governments specified terms.

MENA do not levy any charges on the employee if the employer compensates MENA of their service fee.


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